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About US

Waterfind, Australia’s leading water market specialists

We are a family owned and operated business, founded in 2003 by a Riverland irrigator, specialising in water brokering, consulting and conveyancing services. We offer a free to access online water exchange, enabling you to buy or sell water 24/7. Alternatively, you can call our experienced brokers located in Adelaide, Mildura, Griffith and Brisbane to discuss your needs. We provide allocation announcements, entitlement reports, weekly e-newsletter and the Australian Water Markets.

  • Water brokering, long-term leasing & carry over services.
  • Consulting & conveyancing services.
  • Market information, e-news, reports & allocation announcements.
  • Professional team is nationally located across the country in Adelaide, Mildura, Griffith and Brisbane.

Trying to make sense of water trading? Read our simple information guide on “Water Trading Explained” below

Water trading process

About US

Personalized brokerage services 

  • Speak to a real person every time you phone
  • Offer you market opportunities
  • Help you manage your water asset
  • Review your trading options
  • Help you understand factors that influence the market
  • Keep you up-to-date on policy changes and how they affect you

Complete brokerage services and trade tracking

  • Our trading and conveyancing teams complete your trade from application to settlement.
  • Our Trade Tracker shows you the status of your trade, from start to finish, keeping you up-to-date.
  • Our on-line system keeps a detailed history of all your trading activity, giving you the information you need to run your business.

Knowledge and experience

  • We provide you with access to our broad knowledge based and extensive experience of over 10 years in the water market industry.
  • Our policy and analyst team provide with information to plan and make informed decisions, helping  you achieve the best results on your trading potential. 

Safe and secure

  • You can trade with us with complete confidence knowing that every transaction is safeguarded using the latest available online security.
  • Money transfers do not need to be completed online and all funds are held in independently audited trust accounts.
  • Our secure trading system gives you the opportunity to trade online without worrying about the hassle of online payments.
  • We have a high ethical values in our organisation which will bring the desired outcome for our clients both as the buyer and seller.
Our services are delivered by a diverse and highly experienced team, across three business units:

Sales and Marketing

We provide water brokerage services with the support of dedicated sales and marketing campaigns, spread across Australia including offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Mildura and Griffith.

Policy & Conveyancing

Our Conveyancing Team provide the contractual conveyancing of all transfers, updating and maintenance of trading rules on our online system as well as regularly conducting quality benchmark market analysis.

Business Administration & IT

Our experienced business and IT team provide financial and accounting services, delivery of software development and maintenance and upgrade of all web based systems.


Board of Governance

Providing an independent view for business development

Internationally Recognised

USA, Canada and China

Highly Awarded

Australia’s most awarded online water trading platform

30+ years of water market experience
Completed Trades
Serviced Clients
Our innovative and unique market leading business practices has resulted in numerous prestigious awards:
2018 Australian Information Industry Association Awards

2018 Australian Information Industry Association Awards

2018 Australian Information Industry Association Awards – Infrastructure and Platforms Innovation of the Year (SA & NT)

Stevie Award

Stevie Award

2017 University of South Australia Centre for Business Growth – Growing South Australia’s Company Program

iAwards 2015

iAwards 2015

2015 Australian Information Industry Association Awards – Regional, Inclusion & Community

Stevie Award

Stevie Award

2015 Silver Stevie Award – Most Innovative Company of the Year – in Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Telstra Business Awards Finalist

Telstra Business Awards Finalist

2014 State finalist – Telstra Business Awards – celebrating the achievements of Australia’s small and medium businesses.

Water Industry Alliance

Water Industry Alliance

Waterfind has been recognised by the Water Industry Alliance of Australia for multiple water market advancements including:

Introduction of the Forward Water Market | 2014
Release of weekly region specific Newsletter | 2012
SMS Water Trading | 2010
Award for Innovation & Marketing | 2008 + 2006

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to be contacted by one of our brokers, please send us an email with your details.