We provide key information prior to allocation announcements such as trade water restrictions, dam storage levels, weather outlook and other key events that have occurred in the water market over the last fortnight. If you wish to discuss how this could impact your water planning requirements, call us on 1800 890 285 or login to your account.

Temporary Water Pricing 

Prices are updated every Friday, log into our online exchange to view the live market price.

Region/ zoneTemporary price - ML 
VIC 1$520/ML
VIC 6$595/ML
VIC 7$834.55/ML
NSW 10$595/ML
NSW 11$834.55/ML
NSW Murrumbidgee$622/ML

Dam storage levels

Blowering653,052 ML41%
Burrinjuck311,454 ML30%
Hume625,538 ML21%
Dartmouth2,418,699 ML63%
Eildon1,157,254 ML36%

Water trade restrictions

RegionRestrictionCapacity (GL)Trading
NSW to VictoriaOPEN165.9 GLDue to current risk of spill in the Murray being below 50%.
Goulburn out tradeCLOSED52.7 GLDue to Goulburn’s IVT account having a positive balance of 866 ML.
Goulburn in tradeOPENDue to total volume owed to Murray system is still greater than zero.
Murrumbidgee to MurrayCLOSEDCapacity transferred out of the Murrumbidgee valley.
Murray to MurrumbidgeeOPEN103 GLCapacity transferred out of the Murrumbidgee valley.
Barmah ChokeCLOSEDStill closed
Lower Darling RiverCLOSEDStill closed to temporary trade with the Murray.

Weather outlook

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