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What is the GMW Irrigator's Distribution Project?

Following the successful completion of the Goulburn Murray Water (GMW) Connections Project, $300 million worth of benefits will be distributed back to Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID) delivery share holders.

What do you need to know?

Every GMID delivery share holder needs to know what to expect from
the distribution and what action to take to prepare. The Customer Guide guide provides important information about the irrigators’ share distribution, including:

  • How much you will get and when you will receive it
  • What you need to do and know about the distribution
  • Who to contact if you need support

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How much water is being distributed?

The Connections Program delivered works to achieve 429 gigalitres (GL) long-term average annual yield (LTAAY). Of this, 77 GL has been made available for distribution to eligible Goulburn-Murray delivery shareholders.

Who is eligible to receive additional entitlement under this project? 

You are an eligible GMID delivery share holder if at 1 October 2021, you hold delivery share within any of the six areas of the GMID and pay the common Infrastructure Access Fee (IAF).

Goulburn-Murray Irrigation District delivery shareholders with 0.25 ML/day or more of delivery share will be issued with water shares. Customers with less than 0.25 ML/day of delivery share will see financial benefits equivalent to the value of water shares as a credit on their GMW fixed charges bill in July 2022. Find out how much you are entitled to here. 

When will irrigators be able access this additional water?

Irrigators will receive either an email or mailed letter between 16 and 31 October stating that they have new WEEs (one for High Reliability entitlement and another for Low Reliability entitlement), with the additional water applied to them. These WEEs will be automatically attached to the ABA if possible, otherwise a new ABA number will be given. Irrigators will be able to access any water allocations accrued against these entitlements since 1 July 2021.

What can you do with your additional water?

Once you have access to your updated WEE and ABA statements you are free to use or sell the entitlement as you decide. This includes selling the allocation on the temporary market or selling part of or all of the additional entitlement.

Customer Guide 2021


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