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We provide a range of resources to help you plan your water needs, these include
Current Allocations
Keep up to date with current allocations in your trading region.
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Allocation Outlooks
View allocation outlooks in your state.
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Water Trading Explained
Water markets facilitate the trading of water between two parties. Learn more about trading rules and processes.
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Waterfind's Online Water Market
Trade online anywhere, anytime from your desktop or mobile device.
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Weekly Water Report
Our e-Newsletter includes key water market information and industry news across surface and groundwater.
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Support Services
Facing hardship? Here are some support services you can call on.
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Find the answers to commonly asked questions on water trading.
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A resource of water market information and insights for you to watch on demand.
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Waterfind plays a pivotal role in the developing and maturing of Australian water markets.
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With almost 20 years as industry leaders in the water market, Waterfind has developed a wide range of products and services to help you buy, sell and value your water assets.

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Latest News & Updates

What happens to water pricing in a wet year?
Waterfind compares 2021 with 2016-17 as wetter than average seasons, highlighting the downward trend of temporary water prices in the Murray system.
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On the road again! @Waterfind visiting clients in the #Riverland getting on the ground updates on what some regional South Australian growers are up to. Stopping at #Banrock Chardonnay patch near the original Rooney property and dropping by the Amaroo mandarin farm. #MurrayRiver

A fabulous night had by all at the 49th #Riverland Wine Show. Congratulations to all Gold Medal winners and Trophy recipients including Ashley Ratcliff from Ricca Terra. @Waterfind is proud to support this annual event and support Australian wine grape growers. #WaterMarkets

Victoria High Reliability Water Shares received an increase in allocation today, increasing the supply of useable/tradeable water.
#Murray now 77%
#Broken now 100%
#Goulburn #Loddon now 85%
#Campaspe now 100%
Plan for summer now!
View all allocations here http://bit.ly/3mobKf2

NSW #Murray General Security entitlements received an increase in allocation today, increasing the supply of useable/tradeable water, now at 44%.
NSW #Murrumbidgee GS allocation remains at 52%.
Plan your summer requirements today!
View current allocations http://bit.ly/3mobKf2

Good news for sugar, #cotton, and grain growers who are set to make almost $40 billion in 2021-22 but wine exports expected to fall a further 12% due to China’s tariffs. #agriculture #watermarkets

Hume Dam Risk of Spill Update - Inter-valley trade from NSW to Victoria could be restricted if a declaration of spill is announced. Read more here
https://www.waterfind.com.au/news/hume-dam-risk-of-spill-update/ #Hume #MDBA #WaterMarkets

August Water Market Wrap-up. Watch the full video to find out what happened to temporary water prices and why the NSW GS licence holders have a hold on their next allocation increase https://bit.ly/37dEK2U #MurrayRiver #Murrumbidgee #WaterMarkets

NSW has four agencies which share the licensing, management and regulation of water. Find the right one to help with your needs here: https://bit.ly/3rmjoJK
#water #nrar

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