SA Private carry-over rules have changed, following community consultation 

Private carryover rules have recently been updated to allow water to be ‘rolled over’ from one year to the next in a sequence of dry years and will be made available when the projected opening minimum allocation, made in April prior to a water year, is 50% or less. 

If carryover has been announced in April, you will be eligible for private carryover to roll over unused water up to 20% of the value of your entitlements if: 

  • You have Class 3 (High Security) water access entitlements, and 
  • You have water left on your account on 30 June, and 
  • You provide your final water meter ready by 31 July. 

For example, if you hold 100,000 Class 3 (High Security) water access entitlements, you can carry over up to 20,000 kilolitres of unused entitlement. 

If the minimum opening allocation announced in April is greater than 50%, carryover will no longer apply and any volumes rolled over from a previous year will no longer be available. 

If allocations plus carryover increase to 100 % during the water year, the volume of your allocation above 100 % will spill into a ‘rollover’ account. Should the next water year open in April at 50% or less, then the rollover volume can be accessed as carryover. 

The volume of water that can be made available for private carryover is based on how much water is stored in upstream storages for carryover purposes, and how much water was traded into South Australia between 1 April and 30 June in the previous water use year (and remained unused on 30 June). 

If there is insufficient water available to meet the total carryover demand, the volume of water granted to an individual will be reduced proportionally. 

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Further information about private carryover is included in this fact sheet



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